see for instructions on building from source

Binary unofficial packages has been built for 10.3-i386 and 10.3-amd64 for 11.0-i386 and 11.0-amd64

Notice you might get a harmless warning about mesa-libs conflicting with the former mesa-libs packages now all installed by mesa-libs. -

For upgraders (I've updated the tree at 20170807) run pkg upgrade -r lxqt

Please follow the following instructions to avoid package conflicts:

pkg bootstrap
mkdir /usr/local/etc/ssl
cp poudriere.cert /usr/local/etc/ssl/
mkdir -p /usr/local/etc/pkg/repos/

create the file

with the following contents
lxqt: {
        url: "pkg+${ABI}",
        mirror_type: "srv",
        enabled: yes,
        signature_type: "pubkey",
        pubkey: "/usr/local/etc/ssl/poudriere.cert",
        priority: 100

Note here the intel video driver is installed, choose the correct one for your system. Note on 10.x you might want to switch to newcons vt, set kern.vty=vt in /boot/loader.conf and reboot

   pkg update
   pkg install -r FreeBSD xorg-server xscreensaver xorg-drivers xf86-video-intel
   pkg install lxqt
   pkg install lxqt-l10n (optional - translations)
   pkg install xinit
   pkg install -r lxqt qtermwidget
   /usr/local/etc/rc.d/dbus onestart
   add dbus_enable="yes" to /etc/rc.conf

as normal user

   xinit /usr/local/bin/startlxqt

install optionally gvfs for pcmanfm-qt to work with files over network.